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EMC Silica

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EMC (Epoxy Molding Compound) is a thermosetting composite material protecting the semiconductor elements as the Silica is used these days replacing the conventional metallic & ceramic materials in manufacturing EMC.

Features and Product Application

EMC Silica, a semiconductor encapsulant products protecting the semiconductor chips from external moist, impact, heat, oxidation & etc., is manufactured with the process adding the silica powder over 80.0wt% to epoxy resins and mixing the additives. The manufacturing cost of EMC Silica can be saved employing the package process thanks to the outstanding moisture resistance and insulation properties as well as the availability of automatic forming of integrated process using the molds. High purity Silica of over 99.8% content of SiO2 is used in manufacturing EMC Silica, to be processed in spherical shape or close to spherical shape in order to prevent the declination of liquidity.

Production Process

Raw Material Stocking -> Pulverization -> Edgeless -> Sorting -> Packing -> Shipment