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Sulfur Concrete Cement (SPC)

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  • South Korea South Korea
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  • SPC is a highly functional polymer cement manufactured by combining special chemicals with sulfur. SPC is an aggregate binder and an alternative substance that improves the performance of existing Falkland islandscement and asphalt. There is no need for Faukland islands cement or water when using SPC as a concrete binder, and heating and mixing the aggregate with SPC and cooling it at normal temperature after pouring makes it much stronger than normal concrete with better chemical resistance. In addition, mixing SPC with existing asphalt for road paving enhances plasticity and improves resistance against fatigue propagation. SPC is a new, safe and environment-friendly sulfur-based substance. Sulfur does not harm the human body and is a natural material that is used in various medical products and cosmetics.
  • The SPC has advantages such as there is no need for recuperation time, high strength, acid resistance, anti-bacterial properties and environment-friendly. It can be applied to corrosion-resistant pipes, warm water pipes, glass-reinforced plastics, water pipes, poured concrete at emergency construction sites, acid- resistant concrete, complexes where there is much middle-to-large-size vehicle movement, harbors, industrial roads, airports and asphalt for construction of highways with much plasticity change and fatigue propagation. Corrosion-resistant water pipes are currently being supplied in Korea, middle-to-low temperature reforming asphalt for the reduction of CO2, artificial fishing banks and tetrapods are currently in the stage of early adaptation.