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Blast Furnace Fine Powder for Concrete Application

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Nonmetallic byproduct generated from the pig iron manufacturing process of steel mill blast furnace, as classified between Rapid Cooled Slag and Slow Cooled Slag depending on the cooling procedure.

Features and Product Application

Used in manufacturing the slag cement and ready mix concrete of low hydration heat, high manifestation of long term strength with excellent water permeability and workability, demonstrating the high economic efficiency as an environment friendly alternative to cement causing no pollution.

Production Process

To supply the Rapid Cooled Slag (Quenched Slag) pulverized/allocated in uniform particles.

Raw Material Stocking -> Drying -> Pulverization/Allocation -> Storage -> Shipment

Miscellaneous Items

Blast Furnace Fine Powder for Concrete Application certified as a product certified by Korean Standard.